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N2KK portable W7 - Arizona350 viewsTucson, Arizona
N2KK qth359 viewsa mile above the world........
Radio Landscape545 viewsAt King Kong Ridge
Surveying near the tower with a view of the clouds filling mountain valleys489 viewsAt 5500', a mile above the world.
The station circa 1990487 viewsThe 3CX3000A7 amp is not visible on the left
The tower under construction393 viewsThe Rohn 55 tower under construction, 1988.
The view from 120'569 viewsStanding on top of my tower

one slip and I'm done

I fumble with my camera

to get the car below in the photo

life at 120 feet

(the breeze is blowing, but it's not snowing)
Toby, Sam, Junior huddle beneath the telrex tribander577 viewsToby was a neighbors' dog. Sam was my boy, a golden retriever, who walked in the door in a December snowstorm, and stayed 13 years. Junior was shy, mild, and lovable. He was killed by the other dogs.
Turnbuckles and guy anchors on the big tower624 viewswith 2 el. 80m. yagi at 120'.
the tower isn't leaning - just a lack of perspective control in camera.
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